The Silesian University of Technology SUT was established in 1945 as the first technical university in Upper Silesia, the most industrialized region in Poland. Presently SUT has 18 faculties, employing almost 2,000 academic and research staff, including 152 full professors and 243 DSc. Now there are almost 27,000 students learning in modern and well-equipped buildings with modern laboratories, situated all over the Silesian Region with the main seat in Gliwice. In addition in 2007 SUT initiated integrative studies for disabled people. SUT offers studies which encompass the whole range of engineering activities, including biomedical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, materials engineering as well as elements of management, sociology, pedagogics.

The scientific activities of SUT researcher and students are supported by such dedicated units like Education College, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, Project Management Office or Biotechnology Centre Education and Congress Centre. At the SUT the Quality System is implemented. It is an internal system oriented to education process. This includes the requirements of the State Accreditation Committee, selected requirements of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9000 standards and internal requirements of SUT. The system provides a set of interrelated and mutually interacting elements related to the organization and supervision of the education process focused on meeting the needs and expectations of the customers. The system was developed by the staff of the SUT, is adapted to the specifics of the University, and continuously improved. The system operates on several levels, at the level of the University as a whole and at the level of each basic unit and inter-unit of SUT.

As an organization with a big research and teaching potential exerts a stimulating impact on the growth of the south of Poland and significantly contribute to the creation of the economy based on knowledge management. SUT has become an important public culture and opinion-forming institution especially in Silesia region. This region is a home for industry and has a significant meaning for the economic and social development of the whole country. It is also the second most populated region in Poland. The end of the industrial era caused the change in the direction of the development of Upper Silesia to knowledge based economy, particularly the pro-innovative activities.

In particular, the activities are focused on improvement of working processes in health care system. The research activities are particularly based on cooperation with hospitals located in different part of Poland.

The project team at SUT is made up of scientists from two Faculties:

  • Faculty of Management and Organization, represented by Joanna Bartnicka (Project Coordinator), Katarzyna Mleczko and Aleksandra Kuzior.
  • Collegium of Social Sciences and Foreign Languages, represented by Beata Pituła, Jerzy Wolny and Anna Potyka.